DIY Stickers

Making your own print custom stickers at home is a fun project that you can do with your family or friends. Decorate any surface – the windows of your bedroom or personalize gifts with your homemade creations. You can do almost any shape or image you want.

The materials you need are not very difficult to get: you’ll need scissors, a printer and a computer obviously, also adhesive paper to print on the design of your preference and transparent contact paper to protect the print.

Your designs can be made by hand, or you can find a photograph on the internet or create a design with a design program on the computer. If you draw the design by hand, you will need to scan it with the computer.

Print multiple test pages with regular paper before printing the final stickers. Your image will have to be high resolution so that in the end you do not have that visually unpleasant pixilated effect.

When printing, look at which side of the adhesive paper should be facing up in order to get the images on the right side. This paper can be found at any office supply store.

After printing the sticker, you will need to apply transparent contact paper on it in order to ensure that the sticker will be water resistant. To do this, remove the contact paper from its support and make sure it does not stick to anything while you take the paper from the back. Place the sticky side of the contact paper face down on the sticker.

If they do not come together well, you will have bubbles between the adhesive and the contact paper. You can use a cloth and a little pressure with the palm of your hand to remove the air bubbles trapped between the contact paper and the adhesive paper.

Finally, with the scissors, cut the excess contact paper to give your finished sticker a professional look.